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 中澤 有基 写真スライド+映像展   NakazawaYuki Photoslide+Movingimage   

 "SAKURA 010 "

2013.4/26〈Fri〉- 5/12〈Sun.) *close wednesday | 水曜休 |  14:00-20:00


artist statement    


Come spring and cherry trees bloom. All over Japan, people will delight or despair depending on how the blossoms look each year. Each one of us Japanese has a cherry tree in full bloom in his or her soul. Not simply because they bloom year in year out, but because every Japanese cherishes a feeling, an impression, a memory that's intimately associated with cherry blossoms.
Every year I take many pictures of cherry blossoms, with high hopes in my heart, seeking to capture that heady sensation of airy optimism they inspire - but to no avail. The cherry blossoms on my photos are just cherry blossoms while those in my mind always appear more beautiful. In other words, my image of them and the reality remain in different dimensions that never really match.
As I stand beneath the cherry blossoms and gaze at the spring light that seeps through the petals in faint peach hues and embraces me, my head gently spins in a haze. I try to capture this light but it slips between my fingers like falling petals and eventually the world vanishes in a fog of illusion. The next thing you notice, all the cherry trees have lost their flowers and cherry blossoms have disappeared from everyone's daily conversation - yet they remain dormant in our subconsciousness where they hibernate until spring comes to awake them again.
All these photos of cherry blossoms were taken with a digital camera. As you all know, with digital cameras you can check your photo as soon as you've taken it; it's an act that's done and completed in a blink of an eye, and as a result the number of photos you take increase dramatically and the act itself of pressing the shutter develops another dimension. It becomes rhythmic, not to say frenetic: take a photo, take another, take and select after, it almost becomes like taking a movie from which you can select a few stills later, something you can also actually do with nowadays' digital cameras. Photography has become something else, which needs a rethink, a new approach.
Then spring comes again and my head in a haze I look through the camera's finder at the cherry blossoms in a haze too - but even in their haze cherry blossoms are cherry blossoms and each view comes to add another life to the symbol I have of them in my mind. For indeed cherry blossoms are one of the symbols of this country, and I realized, while taking another photo of white petals, that what is more important than the actual flowers, is the image we have of them, each one of us individually. It is from that moment that I started photographing them deliberately out of focus. Then something else happened. Those blurred images in pink, blue, green and brown, spreading like beautiful oil paintings on the screen, more than any real and focused cherry blossoms, started to deeply haunt me and I began taking even more photos of them. And it is then that, for the first time, I actually felt that I had managed to "capture" those fleeting cherry blossoms with my camera.
( translated into English by Baku Nagai )


中澤有基 Yuki Nakazawa


1980年 生まれ
2004年 ビジュアルアーツ大阪 写真学科卒
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2012年9月 KyotoCurrent展参加 (京都市美術館別館)
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